• The Source of Lawyer Stress: Firm Culture

    Marcie Borgal Shunk | May 23, 2019

    With the mindfulness movement sweeping the nation, it is natural to wonder how law firms are contributing to the lawyer experience.

  • The Legal Profession's Very Real Impact on Personal Relationships

    James Dolan | May 12, 2019

    With so much pressure from their jobs, lawyers' often don't have time or the mental capacity to deal with their personal relationships. Psychotherapist James Dolan, who treats a number of lawyers, calls it Work Induced Alienation Syndrome.

  • Mental Health Resources for Legal Professionals

    Leigh Jones | May 12, 2019

    As part of our Minds Over Matters series, here is contact information for organizations that can help if you or someone you know needs assistance with a mental health challenge.

  • Confronting the Mental Health Crisis in the Legal Profession

    Leigh Jones Vanessa Blum | May 12, 2019

    Law.com’s Minds Over Matters project seeks to shed light on the mental health challenges in the legal profession. In this episode of Legal Speak, you'll hear from Law.com journalists who have covered news involving lawyers suffering from mental health problems and their takeaways from handling those stories.