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What’s Next?

Future + Law

Ben Hancock peers around the corner at the courtroom clashes and policy choices that loom over emerging technologies like AI and facial recognition that promise to revolutionize business, life and the practice of law.

Critical Mass

Class Actions | Mass Torts

Amanda Bronstad obsesses over class actions and mass torts, keeping you in-the-loop on the news that matters—big wins, novel legal strategies, appellate battles and who’s getting the work.

Skilled in the Art

Everything IP

Scott Graham digests the latest developments on everything IP and helps make sense of the trends, data, and politics around patents.

Labor of Law

Labor | Employment

Erin Mulvaney reports on the hot spots in employment law—emerging issues, novel cases, and the policy, politics, and personalities reshaping the workplace.

Inside Track

In-house Lawyers

Stephanie Forshee connects the in-house community with a weekly run-through of what and who you need to know to survive and thrive in the modern-day legal department.

The Law Firm Disrupted

Firm Management | Strategy

Roy Strom surveys the new competitive pressures on law firms and how their managers are coping, plus insights on the tactics and tech employed by would-be disruptors.

Trump Watch

Trump + Law

Cogan Schneier is your guide to the Trump administration and its imprint on the law, breaking down the core issues on judge picks, policy shifts, court clashes and the Mueller investigation.