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Plaintiff: Kidney failure due to contraindicated contrast dye

A jury determined that the estate of a cancer patient was awarded $1,783,635 on claims that medical providers were negligent in ordering the patient to undergo a CT scan with contrast. Per David Marr’s estate, nurse practitioner Janet Kunsman and radiologist Sachin Saboo were negligent in failing to wait for laboratory results that were intended to check the patient’s creatinine level before ordering the scan. The estate alleged that the contraindicated use of contrast dye led to Marr’s kidney failure, which meant Marr had to endure three years of otherwise unnecessary kidney dialysis until the time of his death from the underlying cancer. The defense disputed there was any evidence that the kidney failure was caused by the dye.
Marr v. Kunsman
Suffolk County - MA

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Their dog didn’t bite neighbor, defendants contended

A defense verdict was entered in a case involving a woman who was bitten by a stray dog. Marilyn MacDonald found the dog in her front yard and was reportedly bitten on her right index finger when she attempted to check the tag on the dog’s collar. She subsequently developed sepsis, which she said led to fear about the possible need for her dominant arm to be amputated. MacDonald claimed her neighbors, Mary Lynn Bourgeois and Raymond D. Bourgeois, Jr., owned the dog in question. The defendants denied owning the dog and claimed their dog was confined to their fenced-in back yard at the time of the incident.
MacDonald v. Bourgeois
Barnstable County - MA

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Failure to clear snow and ice led to fall, plaintiff alleged

A man who slipped and fell outside of a gas station/convenience store and his family were awarded $680,000 in damages. The award was reduced to $588,500 due to a finding of 15-percent comparative negligence. David Jepson said he suffered cervical disc herniations in the fall, which occurred when he was exiting a Speedway store in East Falmouth. According to Jepson, the fall occurred due to a failure of store owner Speedway, LLC to properly clear snow and ice from the property. Speedway’s defense was that the snow and ice was an open and obvious condition and that Jepson failed to exercise ordinary care for his own safety.
Jepson v. Geggatt, et al.
Barnstable County - MA

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Largest New England Jury Verdicts

(2023 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
Verdict Case Venue Date
$200,000,000 Jones v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. Massachusetts Oct. 3
$24,030,000 Menninger v. PPD Development, L.P. Massachusetts March 31
$20,785,691 Reppucci v. Philip Morris, USA Inc. Massachusetts Nov. 29
$20,000,000 Estate of Brown v. Browell Massachusetts April 19
$20,000,000 Estate of Peckham v. American Optical Corp. Connecticut March 9
$20,000,000 Luppold v. Flores, N.P. Massachusetts March 24
$8,500,000 Sobin v. Orthopaedic Sports Specialists, P.C. Connecticut April 25