1: Select Your Official Badge & Plaque

Your case is in the news! It’s time to showcase yourself at your best and demonstrate to clients and colleagues that you get results with your published win from a reputable news source. Select your official badge, plaque or – why not – both:

Personalized Badge


Badges are great for: annual reports, recruitment collateral, ads, pitch books, firm brochures, printed letterhead, website hosting, email signatures, press releases, newsletters and many other promotional uses.

Personalized Plaque


Select your preferred plaque format (premium wood, brushed aluminum or acrylic wall stand-off) to create a uniquely modern plaque to display on your wall, in your office or reception area.

Personalized Plaque & Badge


For a complete look and coverage, select both the personalized plaque and badge. Ideal to highlight your expertise in a particular type of case, boost morale and energize staff, improve recruitment, and create buzz around this major verdict or settlement featuring your firm.

2: Celebrate your victory!

Spread the word of your winning case with your official plaque and/or badge!

Highlight Your Expertise

Create Buzz

Reach a Wider Audience

Energize Staff

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