Dealing with a Complex Case?

Our trusted VerdictSearch Research on Call Team is skilled in how to extract the precise information needed to give you an edge over your competition. Just give us a call and our experts will help you quickly extract the case-winning information you need so you can evaluate your case with precision, assess the risks and negotiate accurate settlements.

Our skilled team has dealt with a wide variety of complex search requests:

  • Fact patterns
  • Injury details
  • Liability Assessment
  • Award Allocations
  • Expert Witness Testimonial History
  • Attorney Litigation History

Fast and Efficient Process

Step 1 - Call us or fill in the contact form

Contact us by filling in the form below or by calling us and start your search with our team.

Once we either receive your request or your call, our team member will discuss a few details with you over the phone:

  • In order to go deeper into the search, we will give you recommendations on the search steps and make sure that every detail is covered.
  • based on your needs, we will make a final research recommendation and price evaluation, our base search starting at $300.
  • If you feel comfortable with the suggested solution, we will collect your payment information and will get our team started on your search.
  • If you need results today, complex or extensive, we can make this happen. Mention it to our team member and let us do the work.
Step 2 - The Research
Once we have clarified all the criteria and finalized your request, we will utilize our proprietary research tools and filters accessing over 200,000 verdicts and settlements.
Step 3 - The Results

When our team has completed the research and gathered the requested and most accurate results, we will send these over to the contact information you provided. Our team remains at your disposal to go over and review the data together or you can skip ahead and go back to your client. Good luck with your case!

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For timesaving options — choose our VerdictSearch Tables and Raw Data features, which offer the ability to filter, sort and analyze information straight from our national database in a more convenient and timely fashion.

3 good reasons to use Research on Call

Complex Search, Clear Results

While you can do your own research either by using or other tools, you might not easily find what you’re searching for. Having the right processes and skills to search for complex and exact results is a skill our Research on Call Team has developed to its highest level. We know HOW TO SEARCH and WHAT TO SEARCH to make sure you get the results you need.

Same Day Results

You need results, fast, today if possible? For a small extra fee, we’ve got you covered and offer this option for any search type and complexity level. We will put our brains into high gear to deliver results the same day you submit your request.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Searching for the right results, making sure you don’t overlook or exclude crucial information, takes time,  skills and the right tools. We’ve got all three! Manage your time wisely, let us do the search and bring the most accurate results to you while you or your team stay focused on the other matters at hand.

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