Why VerdictSearch Data?

Fueled by one nuclear verdict after another, insurers are scrambling to respond to the rising cost of claims by increasing reserves by hundreds of millions of dollars. With VerdictSearch, you can capture decades of data with a comprehensive set of cases to quantify the impact of social inflation and other claims risk drivers. Containing more than 200,000 cases carefully researched over 20 years, VerdictSearch can enhance your risk and claim-valuation processes, ensuring you can manage your claims exposure in any market environment.

Access and analyze data for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Social inflation
  • Case valuation
  • Risk assessment
  • Litigation management
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Structured settlements
  • Insurance marketing
  • Expert witness research and more!

8.2 million data points ready to work with your analytical tools

VerdictSearch is the only data set containing more than 20 years of 200,000+ cases with 40 data points for each case, presented in a structured, machine readable format and ready to be sorted and analyzed right out of the box.

Data categories include:

  • Verdict and settlement results by county, claim type or injury.
  • Damages breakdowns: see where the money is going.
  • Insurance information, including settlement demands and offers.
  • Plaintiff demographics: Who is the most likely winner of a nuclear verdict?
  • And much more, including detailed case summaries!
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Clean, Structured Data means less time cleaning and structuring

Featuring a highly structured database based on consistent data-collection criteria, VerdictSearch data contains both standardized data and robust tagging of case types, resolution and injuries.

Data Structure

We collect numerous discrete data points to help you get the most specific information for your case:

  • 40+ different data elements in each case
  • 100 types of cases (more than 1500 case type classifications)
  • 35 primary injury types (1200+ injury classifications)
  • Unique three-tiered injury taxonomy, to search broadly or with ultra-specificity.
Exhaustive Database

Data points in our database include:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Claimants’ injuries and treatments
  • Case type
  • Insures and policy limits
  • Settlement demand and offer
  • Mediators
  • Trial attorneys
  • And much more
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Discover all the ways our data lightens your workload and enhances your bottom line

Plaintiff and Defense Data

Only VerdictSearch solicits feedback from attorneys on both sides of each case and investigates conflicting information, verifying the data – giving you greater accuracy and less noise so you can identify drivers and trends.

Consistent Data Collection

Only VerdictSearch uses consistent data collection criteria formatting across all jurisdictions to simplify searching and data comparison, yielding more robust analytics and less data cleaning and filtering.

Import our data into your tools

Only VerdictSearch provides integration-ready data, eliminating significant data prep time. This allows data scientists, actuaries, and other insurance professionals to import data into their own data warehouse and forecasting models.

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VerdictSearch data offers options for every research need and budget.
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