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Find out about the most important recent D.C. Metro Area cases, selected by VerdictSearch editors. Coverage includes District of Columbia, Prince George’s, Montgomery, Baltimore and Fairfax counties and independent cities: Richmond, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

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Lead paint in home led to brain damage, plaintiff contended

A pastry chef who claimed he lost job opportunities due to injuries he suffered in a motor vehicle accident was awarded $4,321,258.21 by a District of Columbia jury. Joshua Short was walking across 16th Street at the Intersection A man who claimed he suffered permanent brain damage due to exposure to lead-based paint when he was a child was awarded $2.2 million. Savon Johnson was 2 years old when he lived at property owned and operated by City Homes Incorporated and City Homes III, LP. According to Johnson’s mother, there was flaking and chipping paint in the residence while they lived in the subject property. Johnson argued that the paint contained lead. He said he suffered brain damage with cognitive deficits due to the exposure. The City Homes defendants claimed testing and a limited abatement of the property had been done. They also disputed that Johnson was injured due to lead exposure.
Johnson v. City Homes Inc.
Baltimore City, MD

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Discharge of patient wasn’t negligent, defense contended

A jury found for the defendant in a malpractice case involving the death of a woman just a few days after being discharged from the hospital. Madeline Sparks had been admitted to Franklin Square Hospital due to gastrointestinal bleeding. Despite testing, attending hospitalist Justin R. Price, M.D. was unable to determine the cause of the bleeding and discharged her. She died three days later due to cardiac arrest. Sparks’ family claimed Sparks had been prematurely discharged and her low blood levels resulted in her suffering a fatal heart attack. Price argued that Sparks was not actively bleeding at discharge, her condition had improved and the care he provided was appropriate.
Sparks v. Price
Baltimore County, MD

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Patient alleged that radiologist misread breast imaging

A Superior Court jury awarded $680,000 to a woman who claimed a misreading of diagnostic tests led to a delay in diagnosing and treating breast cancer. Ann Domorad alleged that radiologist Bryan A. DeFranco, M.D. missed a tumor on the imaging, causing a delay in diagnosis and resulting in the need for extensive treatment and surgeries, including a double mastectomy, reconstruction surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. She also claimed a shortened life expectancy as a result of the delay. DeFranco denied misreading the imaging and argued that an earlier diagnosis would not have changed the treatment options available or the overall outcome.
Domorad v. DeFranco
District of Columbia

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Largest D.C. Metro Area Jury Verdicts

(2023 only; based on cases reported to VerdictSearch)
Verdict Case Venue Date
$612,400,000 Fairholme Funds Inc. v. Federal Housing Finance Agency District of Columbia Oct. 23
$33,915,000 Anderson v. University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center LLC Maryland March 28
$20,311,988 Bates v. Muraguri Maryland July 13
$10,000,000 Kight v. Knight Virginia Sept. 25
$9,045,000 Mack v. Stella Maris Inc. Maryland Aug. 17
$8,500,000 Doe v. Sharps Maryland May 11
$5,000,000 Winters v. Roque Virginia Feb. 10
$4,264,760 Harkins v. Mercy Medical Center Inc. Maryland April 4
$4,000,000 Young v. State of Maryland Maryland Aug. 29
$2,700,000 Spears v. State Farm Insurance Maryland Nov. 21