• Matter of Lee

    Publication Date: 2021-07-16
    Practice Area: Landlord Tenant Law | Real Estate | Trusts and Estates
    Court: Supreme Court, Queens
    Judge: Justice Wyatt Gibbons
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: For the Guardian by: Thomas Pietrantonio, Esq., Thomas Pietrantonio, P.C.
    for defendant: For the Ping, Chin May Yiu Lee by: Judy Mock, Esq., The Law Offices of Judy S. Mock, P.C. For Chuck Lee and Lillian Lee by: Arthur Soong, Esq., Soong & Liu, Esqs. For Lily Lee and Robert Dobkin by: Mark Hus, Esq., Law Offices of Mark Hus, And by: Andrew Michael Darcy, Esq., Mobilization for Justice, Inc.

    Case Number: 711383/2020

    Occupants Residence in Condo Contributing to Depletion of PING's Estate, Ordered to Vacate