Place A Public Notice

Thank you for accessing the New York Law Journal’s Public Notices on line, the most comprehensive compilation of public notices in New York City.

Businesses and individuals rely on The New York Law Journal to publish vital notices required by courts and statutes.

Notices are updated after each business day, usually by midnight. Monday’s notices go on line the previous Friday evening.

How to place a public notice in the New York Law Journal:

Public Notice department business hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

E-mail: Customer Service

Call: 866.305.3058


As the statewide leader in official notice publication, the Law Journal’s experienced staff can guide you through the sometimes confusing publication process.


The Law Journal is a legal newspaper. This means we possess more extensive knowledge of the requirements and procedures for successful publication of a variety of public notices. Although the Law Journal cannot provide legal advice, we can tell you how to place public notices. We’ll handle the typesetting and scheduling of the notices and also provide notarized proof of publication.


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