Good Things Come in Threes: James Brashear Lands at Zix Corp. for His Third In-House Gig
James Brashear likes to fly, whether he’s piloting a plane or steering a legal department. As vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary of Zix Corp. since 2010, Brashear flies solo as the only in-house lawyer for the Dallas public company. Zix Corp., which offers customers email encryption services, generated nearly $40 million in 2011 revenue.

What In-Housers Want From Outside Counsel
During a panel discussion entitled “Reality Check for Law Firms,” three in-house counsel dished on the good, the bad and the ugly of doing business with outside lawyers and firms.

When Is Termination the Right Step to Take?
The toughest decision that lawyers, in-house or otherwise, help clients make is whether to impose the employment-law equivalent of capital punishment: termination of an employee.

How to Survive the Overtime Dog Pile
No in-house counsel wants to wake up one morning to discover the company has an unexpected and unfunded $3 million contingent liability. That can happen when a relatively small group of workers brings a collective action alleging the company owes them for overtime pay. Alan Bush calls these suits an overtime dog pile.

Accounting Basics to Uncover Embezzlement
Protecting a company from embezzlement requires that in-house lawyers have a basic understanding of various accounting roles and when to call in expert help. As an unfortunate part of any business, there are almost endless opportunities for employees to take advantage of their positions to misappropriate money from their employers. Often, those activities go undetected for months, if not years, and lead to significant losses.

How Forensic Accountants Differ From Auditors
Forensic accountants are uniquely suited to help in-house counsel address issues involving financial reporting, accounting and internal controls. Understanding what forensic accountants do, and how their role differs from other accounting and auditing functions, can help in-house lawyers best utilize their skills.

CFTC Kicks Into High Gear
For decades, most companies didn’t worry much about the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, an obscure regulatory backwater whose lawyers brought a few dozen enforcement actions a year. Now, the mouse is starting to roar.