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June 14, 2024 |

Sidley Raises NQ Rates Again as Pressure to Join Fray Mounts

Competition for the best junior talent is once again intensifying.
2 minute read
June 13, 2024 | Daily Business Review

Holland & Knight Settles Lawsuit From NY Recruiter Alleging the Firm Didn't Pay Fees

New York-based recruiter MacKay & Agents had claimed it was owed $73,000 for helping place an associate in the firm's Miami office.
2 minute read
June 13, 2024 | The American Lawyer

Why Your Cool New Marketing Tech May Not Work

Marketing and business development budgets are limited for many, but technology without support is like installing a lightbulb in a home that has no electricity, Deborah Farone writes.
6 minute read
June 10, 2024 | The American Lawyer

Cravath Set for London Office Move

The move comes as US firms upsize in London amid growing headcount.
2 minute read
June 10, 2024 | The American Lawyer

Freshfields Recruits Davis Polk, Kirkland Lawyers, Building for 'Next Generation'

"What we are trying to build here is something that will sustain generationally," said Damien Zoubek, Freshfields co-head of U.S. corporate and mergers and acquisitions.
3 minute read
June 03, 2024 | New York Law Journal

AI Deepfakes: Unauthorized Depictions and Protection of Property Rights to Name, Image and Likeness

The recently introduced No AI FRAUD Act proposes to protect each individual's right to control the use of their own likeness and voice against unsanctioned use of AI-generated content. This seeks to fill a gap left by a patchwork of state and federal protections in IP and privacy laws and regulations.
9 minute read
June 03, 2024 | The American Lawyer

Deal Watch: Energy, Pharma Continue to Drive Deal Activity as Wachtell, Kirkland Lead $22.5 Billion ConocoPhillips/Marathon Oil Deal

The transaction is the latest in a series of consolidation moves in the energy sector, coming on the heels of two earlier multibillion-dollar mergers this year.
9 minute read
May 30, 2024 | National Law Journal

The Biden Administration Is Taking Antitrust Seriously. These Law Firms Are Defending Its Biggest Targets

"These are the cases that firms dream about, where they can throw an incredible amount of resources at it, because the stakes are so incredibly high," said law firm recruiter Jeffrey Lowe.
5 minute read
May 28, 2024 | The American Lawyer

Is There a Maximum Number in This Salary Race?

What we need, writes the Global Lawyer, is a market peak: a Usain Bolt of the legal world that sets a junior lawyer pay rate so far ahead that no one can beat it, but AI might make the problem worse.
6 minute read
May 28, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

Former GE Legal Chief to Join Paul Weiss

Michael Holston said one of the draws of Paul Weiss was the opportunity to work with Scott Barshay, chair of the firm's Corporate Department. "I think Scott is the best M&A lawyer in the world," Holston said.
4 minute read


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