In the Law Journal’s Real Estate and Construction law supplement, articles focus on the land use approval process, tenants who are late to exercise an option to renew a lease, investigating construction accidents, and other topics.

Planning to Protect a Difficult Neighbor During Construction
One tiny section of the Uniform Construction Code can become a big problem for a real estate developer facing an unreasonable neighbor. Read more

Renewal Option in a Commercial Lease: Failure Could Cost You Your Business
If a tenant fails to timely inform the landlord of his intent to renew the lease, New Jersey courts usually strictly enforce the lease as written–but there are a few exceptions to this rule. Read more

Impact Fees and Development Approvals: A Cautionary Tale
A recent court case demonstrates that there are strict limits on what off-tract impact fees a land use board can impose, and what applicants can offer, as a condition of subdivision or site plan approval. Read more

Concepts of Equity Are Applied to NJ’s Spill Act
The Appellate Division recently employed principles of equity to expand potential liability under the New Jersey’s Spill Act, in a decision that seems inapposite to other Spill Act jurisprudence. Read more

Managing Risk in Construction Accidents: Why Your Investigation is Key
Whether or not an accident causes personal injury or property damage, securing the scene, documenting the cause and preserving the evidence surrounding the accident is critical to the risk management for any company involved in construction. Read more