In the Law Journal’s Wealth Management supplement, articles focus on the repeal of New Jersey’s estate tax, the “doctrine of necessaries,” and other topics.

New Jersey to Repeal Its Estate Tax
On Oct.14, Gov. Christie signed a new law that will remove New Jersey from the top of the list as one of the worst states in which to die, and that may give pause to many New Jersey residents seeking to establish their domicile elsewhere before they do. Read more

You May Want to Escape NJ’s Doctrine of Necessaries
New Jersey’s common law “doctrine of necessaries” creates liability for the debts of a spouse for necessary goods and services. Read more

Fed and State Law May Apply to Transfer of Firearm to a Beneficiary
Testators and fiduciaries should be aware of the requirements regarding the transfer of firearms upon the death of a resident of New Jersey. Read more

Beware of the Unintentionally Defective Grantor Trust
Grantor trusts have great benefits and are widely used, however, they are not ideal for every situation, and there are times when a grantor trust is not intended. Read more