This special report has a focus on domestic violence, including the issues that arise when the victim is a former household member rather than a spouse or romantic partner, and a discussion of new legislation allowing for leave from work (for court hearings, doctor visits, etc.) to address domestic violence concerns in the employee’s personal life.

Former Household Members as Domestic Violence Victims
Legal, procedural and practical issues in cases where the alleged perpetrator is not a spouse or romantic partner
By Carl A. Taylor III

Introducing the NJ SAFE Act: An Important Tool for Family Practitioners
Protecting domestic violence victims’ jobs while they work to protect themselves
By Carl J. Soranno, Sean A. Smith, Mia V. Stollen and Danielle Y. Alvarez

Navigating the Murky Waters of Best Interests With a Transgender Child
Novel issues require new litigation strategies
By Eliana T. Baer

The Alimony Buy-Out: Is It Right for Your Client?
In some cases it makes sense to pay a lump sum and be done with it
By Jonathan H. Blonstein and Michael H. Karu

Should the Court Report Tax Evasion Revealed in Support Cases?
Matrimonial judges face a complicated balance in exercising discretion
By Richard A. Dollinger

Marriage Equality Finally Arrives in Pennsylvania
Same-sex couples have gained a host of new rights, but some questions remain
By Lisa Shapson

Lack of Clarity in Pa. Law Hurts Teen Parents
Stereotypes about teenagers may disadvantage minor parents in custody disputes
By Jesse Krohn

Justices: Chemicals Treaty Doesn’t Reach Avenging Wife
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a vengeful act by a woman whose husband impregnated her best friend did not violate a federal law implementing a chemical-weapons treaty
By Marcia Coyle

Make Sure You Use Your Smartphone Smartly
In the new millennium, conducting some level of electronic discovery is imperative
By Martin K. Williams