This is a status report provided by the New Jersey State Bar Association on recently passed and pending legislation, regulations, gubernatorial nominations and/or appointments of interest to lawyers, as well as the involvement of the NJSBA as amicus in appellate court matters. To obtain a complete copy of the Capitol Report and/or retrieve a former Capitol Report, please visit the state bar website at
Below is a list of legislation recently signed into law by the governor that the New Jersey State Bar Association supported:
P.L.2013, c.171. Increases compensation for wrongful imprisonment. (S-1219 Codey)
The New Jersey State Bar Association supported this bill, believing there are many cases where people are wrongfully imprisoned with false evidence, which as a result has a devastating impact on their lives. This recovery would be independent of civil suit remedies available, which, if successful, could be far more than that specified in the statute.
P.L.2013, c.180. Authorizes the court to credit a person in default of a court‑imposed financial obligation under certain circumstances. (A-581 Spencer)
The New Jersey State Bar Association supported this legislation, believing it is appropriate to allow an individual to be credited with time served if they are indigent and cannot afford to pay a fine.
Below is a list of legislation recently signed into law by the governor.
P.L.2013, c.172 Changes the deadline for filing nominating petitions for school board candidates to the last Monday in July; revises the procedure for filling a school board candidate vacancy; and revises certain other election procedures. (S-2086 Whelan)
P.L.2013, c.173. Requires the commissioner of education to change the deadline for municipal review of defeated school budgets whenever he or she changes the annual school election date. (A-248 Schaer)
P.L.2013, c.174. Directs the Board of Nursing to encourage nursing schools to give academic credit to students for training received in the U.S. military as corpsmen and medics. (A-2061 DeAngelo)
P.L.2013, c.175. Establishes New Jersey Advisory Council on Youth and Collegiate Affairs. (A-2920 Singleton)
P.L.2013, c.176. Designates Paterson Plank Road Bridge in Secaucus as the Joseph F. Tagliareni Jr. Memorial Bridge. (A-3529 Prieto)
P.L.2013, c.177. Authorizes payment of funeral expenses for certain public safety employees killed in the line of duty. (S-512 Norcross)
P.L.2013, c.178. Allows a practitioner with a financial interest in a healthcare service providing lithotripsy to refer patients to that healthcare service if certain conditions are met. (S-2779 Vitale)
P.L.2013, c.179. Amends the special charter of Gloucester City in Camden County to revise the method of electing members of the common council. (S-2984 Norcross)
P.L.2013, c.181. Removes the requirement that certain telecommunications companies file tariffs with the Board of Public Utilities; requires them to provide certain information to the public via their website; allows them to assess a late payment charge on unpaid bills. (A-1523 Burzichelli)
P.L.2013, c.182. Revises the law concerning certain professional and occupational licenses. (A-1545 Burzichelli)
P.L.2013, c.183. Requires the Department of Education to develop an educational fact sheet for distribution to parents concerning sports‑related eye injuries. (A-1825 Conaway)
P.L.2013, c.184. Authorizes the Board of Public Utility to promulgate regulations requiring electricity providers to provide information so customers may compare prices and services. (A-2132 Burzichelli)
P.L.2013, c.185. Removes the statutory authority of the Department of Health and Board of Medical Examiners over medical standards governing declarations of death upon the basis of neurological criteria. (A-3586 Conaway)
P.L.2013, c.186. Requires emergency operations plans in certain senior-occupied buildings. (A-3625 Eustace)
P.L.2013, c.187. Prohibits inclusion of a bonus in an employment contract of a school superintendent for reducing the number of out‑of‑district placements of students with special education needs. (A-3997 Casagrande)
P.L.2013, c.188. Provides extended validity to wastewater service area designations and sewer service area designations, and revises certain aspects of the wastewater management planning process. (A-4531 Greenwald)
P.L.2013, c.189. Designates October of each year as Disability History and Awareness Month, and encourages instruction concerning disabilities in the public schools. (SJR-31 Weinberg)
The NJSBA, through its Military Law and Veterans’ Affairs Committee, in conjunction with McCarter & English, L.L.P., has established the Military Legal Assistance Program. This pro bono program provides assistance to New Jersey residents who have served overseas as active duty members of reserve components of the armed forces after Sept. 11, 2001.
The New Jersey State Bar Association’s Military Legal Assistance Program continues to provide free legal advice to veterans who encounter legal issues before their deployment or upon their return home. Members of the military who have served in active duty or in the reserve units can receive assistance with family law, debtor-creditor issues and employment law matters.
Any attorney who annually volunteers 25 or more hours of pro bono service can earn a Madden exemption through the Military Legal Assistance Program.
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