A Race to the Patent Office Begins
The U.S. switches from "first-to-invent" to "first-inventor-to-file"
By Angela Foster

Structure Has Little To Do with Structural Obviousness
A new requirement sets the classic analysis on its ear
By Michael H. Teschner and Keir LoIacono

The Innovation Economy: IP as the Engine to Drive Entrepreneurship
What’s law got to do with it?
By Catherine A. Mitchell

Legal Implications of the N.J. Trade Secrets Act
Protecting business property, one misappropriation at a time
By Joseph H. Blum and Erin P. Loucks

Walking the ‘Thin’ Line of Architectural Copyright
Even the most preliminary sketch of a functional building will likely garner some protection
By M. Kelly Tillery and Megan M. Kearney

Prenuptial Agreements for Intellectual Property Joint Ventures
Every hope is that the endeavor will be successful, but a well thought-out contract can make the potential unwinding of the deal less painful
By Anthony S. Volpe and Thomas Mattioli