Immigration reform is upon us in the form of DACA, an exercise of discretion to not deport young individuals who meet certain criteria
By David Grunblatt and Avram Morell
It is the employer’s responsibility to design a just and reasonable program
By Jeffrey T. Zaino
The commission is taking aggressive steps to deter and remedy discriminatory or retaliatory employment practices
By Susan L. Nardone and Michael J. Riccobono
What we have learned in the ten years since Martindale v. Sandvik
By Salvador Simao and Joanna Rich
The court is scheduled to hear arguments in a case that could have a very broad impact on collective action lawsuits under the Fair Labor Standards Act
By Adam Saravay
N.J. could become the next state to pass a social network privacy law
By Kimberly A. Capadona and John P. Quirke