Brennan, Robert J.
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: May 25, 2005
Tenure: May 25, 2012
Born: 1949
Education: Seton Hall Univ. School of Law, 1976; Univ. of Virginia, 1972
Prior Experience: Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, partner, to 2005
Conforti, N. Peter
Current Assignment: Criminal
Appointed: 1983
Tenure: 1990
Born: Nov. 9, 1943
Education: Rutgers Law School-Newark, 1968; National Judicial College, Univ. of Nevada-Reno; St. Vincent College, 1965
Prior Experience: Byram Township, municipal court judge, 1978-83; Sparta, municipal court judge, 1974-83; Sussex, municipal court judge, 1972-83; Stillwater Township, board of education attorney; Branchville, planning board and board of adjustment attorney; Superior Court Judge John Fritz, judicial clerk; District C Ethics Committee for Morris, Sussex & Warren counties
Critchley, Thomas J.
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: Jan. 3, 2002
Tenure: Jan. 3, 2009
Born: Oct. 13, 1954
Education: Seton Hall Univ. School of Law, 1979
Prior Experience: Assistant Morris County prosecutor, 1985-2002
DeMarzo, James
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 2010
Tenure: 2017
Born: 1964
Education: Seton Hall University School of Law, 1989
Prior Experience: O’Donnell, McCord & DeMarzo, Morristown, 1990-2010, criminal and civil litigation
Enright, Catherine
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 2009
Tenure: 2016
Born: 1960
Education: Villanova University School of Law, 1984; Seton Hall University, 1981
Prior Experience: Simon & Enright, 1985-2009; certified matrimonial law attorney and mediator certified by state Supreme Court; chaired Morris County Domestic Violence Task Force
Farber, James A.
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 2001
Tenure: 2008
Born: June 3, 1949
Education: Gonzaga Univ. School of Law, 1976; Univ. of Virginia, 1970
Prior Experience: DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Gluck, Hayden & Cole (and predecessor firms), associate then partner, 1985-2001; City of Paterson, business administrator, 1981-82
Gannon, Edward V.
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: 1991
Tenure: 1998
Born: July 21, 1952
Education: Seton Hall Univ. School of Law, 1977; Kings College, 1974
Prior Experience: Gannon & Schwartz (and predecessor firms), Morristown, partner, 1988-91; solo practitioner, Morristown, 1979-87; Chester and Parsippany-Troy Hills, municipal prosecutor; Morris County Municipal Prosecutors Association, president; Morris County Legal Aid Society, trustee
Gilson, Robert
Current Assignment: Criminal
Appointed: 2009
Tenure: 2016
Born: 1959
Education: Boston College Law School, 1985; Hamilton College, 1980
Prior Experience: Assistant N.J. attorney general and director of Division of Law, 2006-09; Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti, associate then partner, 1986-2006; clerked for Chief U.S. Circuit Court Judge John Gibbons, Third Circuit 
Hansbury, Stephan C.
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: 2001
Tenure: 2008
Born: Nov. 3, 1946
Education: Seton Hall School of Law, 1977; Fairleigh Dickinson Univ., M.B.A., 1973; Allegheny College, B.A., 1967
Prior Experience: Cooper, Rose & English, partner, 2000-01; Kummer, Knox & Naughton, partner, 1992-2000; Hansbury, Martin & Knapp, partner; Morris County Park Commission, attorney; Parsippany and Washington zoning board attorney
Hubner, Michael
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: 2011
Tenure: 2018
Born: 1952
Education: St. John’s University Law School, 1976; Villanova University, 1973
Prior Experience: Murphy Hubner McKeon, partner; municipal attorney and previously planning board attorney for Pequannock Township
Ironson, David H.
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: Jan. 4, 2008
Tenure: Jan. 4, 2015
Born: March 26, 1960, Newark, N.J.
Education: Seton Hall Univ. School of Law, 1985; Univ. of Maryland, 1982
Prior Experience: Einhorn, Harris, Ascher, Barbarito, Frost & Ironson, 1990-2008; Hurley & Vasios, 1986-90
Maenza, Philip
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 2010
Tenure: 2017
Born: 1952
Education: Widener University School of Law, 1977
Prior Experience: Private practice, Parsippany, 1991-2010; Rodino & Rodino, 1990-91; Hetchka, Maenza & Bachmann, 1979-84; Bernard Mantalbano law offices, Clifton, 1977-79; municipal court judge for East Hanover, Mount Olive and Mine Hill
Manahan, Thomas V.
Current Assignment: Criminal, P.J.
Appointed: March 31, 2003
Tenure: March 31, 2010
Born: 1952
Education: Seton Hall Univ. School of Law, 1979; Mount St. Mary’s College, 1973
Prior Experience: Asst. N.J. attorney general, 2002-03; Union County prosecutor, 1997-2002; Satterlee, Stephens, Burke & Burke, 1991-97; Bury & Manahan, partner, 1983-91; assistant Union County prosecutor, 1979-83
McGovern, William J. III
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: June 25, 2004
Tenure: June 25, 2011
Born: October 30, 1952, Newton, N.J.
Education: Southwestern Univ. Law School, 1979; College of the Holy Cross, 1974
Prior Experience: McGovern & Roseman, 1980-2004; Odgensburg Borough Planning Board, attorney, 1982-89; Hardyston Township, municipal prosecutor, 1992-94; Township of Andover, municipal attorney, 1996-98
Minkowitz, Stuart A.
Current Assignment: Criminal
Appointed: Jan. 10, 2008
Tenure: Jan. 10, 2015
Born: 1967
Education: Brooklyn Law School, 1992; State Univ. of New York, Albany, 1988
Prior Experience: Asst. U.S. attorney, 1998-2007; Cole, Schotz, Forman & Leonard, Hackensack, 1996-1998; assistant Bergen County prosecutor; special deputy attorney general, 1992-96
Nergaard, Maryann
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 2009
Tenure: 2016
Born: 1950
Education: Seton Hall University School of Law, 1983; Drew University, 1971
Prior Experience: Woolson, Sutphen, Anderson & Nergaard, 1987-2009; Dillon, Bitar & Luther. 1984-87
Ramsay, Rosemary E.
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: June 22, 2007
Tenure: June 22, 2014
Born: 1960
Education: Rutgers Law School-Newark
Prior Experience: Lowenstein Sandler, partner, 1997-2007
Rand, David B.
Current Assignment: Civil, P.J.
Appointed: 2001
Tenure: 2008
Born: Sept. 14, 1945
Education: Dickinson School of Law, 1970; Upsala College, 1967
Prior Experience: Rand, Algeier, Tosti & Woodruff, partner, 1983-2001; Schenk, Price, Smith & King, partner
Weisenbeck, Thomas L.
Current Assignment: Assignment Judge
Appointed: May 19, 2005
Tenure: May 19, 2012
Born: May 28, 1945, New York, N.Y.
Education: Rutgers Law School-Newark, 1973; Univ. of New Hampshire, 1967
Prior Experience: Bressler, Amery & Ross, partner, to 2005; assistant U.S. attorney, 1982-85; U.S. Dept. of Justice, trial attorney, 1977-82; U.S. Army, lieutenant, 1968-70
Whipple, Mary
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 2010
Tenure: 2017
Born: 1958
Education: Seton Hall University School of Law, 1982
Prior Experience: Arseneault, Whipple, Fassett & Azzarello, partner, 2007-2010; Whipple, Ross & Hirsch, associate then of counsel, 1993-2007; McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter in Morristown, associate, 1986-87; assistant U.S. attorney, 1982-86
Wilson, Deanne M.
Current Assignment: General Equity, P.J.
Appointed: 1997
Tenure: 2004
Born: April 5, 1944
Education: Seton Hall Univ. School of Law, 1980; Stanford Univ., 1966
Prior Experience: Mound, Cotton & Wollan, associate, 1993-96; Franzblau, Dratch & Friedman (formerly Greenberg Margolis), associate, then partner, 1990-93; Ellenport & Holsinger, Roseland, associate, 1988-89; Orloff, Lowenbach, Stifelman & Siegel, associate, 1981-88; Supreme Court Committee on Civil Practice, member, 1987-96; Supreme Court Committee on the Special Civil Part, member, 1984-87; law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Stewart Pollock, 1980-81
Wright, Michael P.
Current Assignment: Family, P.J.
Appointed: June 18, 2007
Tenure: June 18, 2014
Born: 1964
Education: Rutgers Law School-Newark, 1989
Prior Experience: Chief assistant Morris County prosecutor; criminal defense and municipal lawyer, Morristown; municipal prosecutor in Edison, Woodbridge and Plainfield; public defender in Piscataway; assistant Morris County prosecutor