Allen-Jackson, Christine
Current Assignment: Criminal
Appointed: 2000
Tenure: 2007
Born: Nov. 11, 1955
Education: Univ. of Maryland School of Law, J.D., 1980; Univ. of Maryland
Prior Experience: Camden Regional Legal Services, supervising attorney, 1990-2000, attorney, 1988-1990; Philadelphia District Attorney, assistant D.A., 1980-88
Becker, Robert P. Jr.
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: Jan. 14, 2008
Tenure: Jan. 14, 2015
Born: 1955
Education: Widener University School of Law, 1988; Rowan University
Prior Experience: Becker & Duffield (previously Hannold, Caulfield, Marshall & McDonnell), 1989-2008
Chell, Timothy
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 2011
Tenure: 2018
Born: 1966
Education: Temple University, 1992; Bucknell University, 1987
Prior Experience: Chell & Chell, Woodbury, 1992-2011; Swedesboro, East Greenwich and Washington Township, solicitor; Glassboro and Deptford, municipal prosecutor.
Curio, Georgia M.
Current Assignment: Assignment Judge
Appointed: 1995
Tenure: 2002
Born: Aug. 30, 1956
Education: Rutgers Law School-Camden, 1980; Glassboro State College (now Rowan College), 1977
Prior Experience: Solo practitioner, Vineland, 1991-95; Gruccio, Peper, Giovinazzi and DeSanto, associate, 1983-91
Farrell, Timothy G.
Current Assignment: Criminal
Appointed: 1995
Tenure: 2002
Born: Oct. 27, 1950
Education: Rutgers Law School-Camden, 1982; Fairleigh Dickinson Univ., MBA, 1976; Syracuse Univ., B.S., 1972
Prior Experience: Butler, Butler, Rosenberg & Farrell, partner, 1986-2002 (attorney for numerous municipalities and authorities); U.S. Army (major, 1979-86; captain, 1972-79)
Fineman, Darrell M.
Current Assignment: Criminal
Appointed: Oct. 17, 2006
Tenure: Oct. 17, 2013
Born: November 30, 1946, Irvington, N.J.
Education: John Marshall School of Law, 1973; Elmhurst College (Illinois)
Prior Experience: Capizola, Fineman & Lapham, Vineland, to 2006
Geiger, Richard J.
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: July 19, 2002
Tenure: July 19, 2009
Born: Aug. 20, 1953
Education: Rutgers Law School-Camden, 1978; Case Western Reserve Univ., 1974
Prior Experience: Cumberland County counsel, 1993-2002; Davidow, Sherman, Eddowes & Geiger, associate then partner, 1979-2002
Johnson, Harold U. Jr.
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: July 19, 2002
Tenure: July 19, 2009
Born: July 31, 1958
Education: Widener Law School, 1983
Prior Experience: Private practice, Vineland and Millville, 1983-2002
Krell, David
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 2010
Tenure: 2017
Born: 1954
Education: Rutgers School of Law – Camden; Univ. of Pittsburgh
Prior Experience: Judge of the Carneys Point Joint Municipal Court and of Penns Grove Township and Salem; prosecutor and assistant solicitor for Bridgeton and Fairfield Township; Lummis, Krell & Baker, 1978-2002
Maier, Colleen A.
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: June 29, 2005
Tenure: June 29, 2012
Born: 1962
Education: Loyola Univ. School of Law, 1988; Rowan Univ., 1983
Prior Experience: Solo practitioner, Woodbury, 1991-2005; prosecutor for Deptford and Cherry Hill; assistant Gloucester County prosecutor, 1990-91
Marshall, Walter L. Jr.
Current Assignment: Criminal, P.J.
Appointed: 1999
Tenure: 2006
Born: 1949
Education: Temple Univ. School of Law, 1975; Duke Univ., 1970
Prior Experience: Hannold, Marshall & Becker, partner, 1980-99
McCaffrey, Eugene J. Jr.
Current Assignment: Civil, P.J.
Appointed: June 18, 2004
Tenure: June 18, 2011
Born: April 20, 1957, Camden, N.J.
Education: Rutgers Law School-Camden, 1982; Catawba College, 1979
Prior Experience: McCaffrey & Renner, Woodbury, partner, to 2004
McDonnell, Anne
Current Assignment: General Equity, P.J.
Appointed: 1991
Tenure: 1998
Born: May 1, 1950
Education: Rutgers Law School-Camden, 1975; Rutgers Univ., 1972
Prior Experience: Hannold, Marshall, McDonnell & Becker, and its predecessor firms, Woodbury, 1978-91; Herman, Pearson, Dubier & Crass, Woodbury, 1975-77; Clients Security Fund of the Bar of New Jersey, treasurer, 1989; Logan Township, municipal court judge, 1986-88; Greenwich Township, municipal court judge, 1982-89; Deptford Township, municipal court judge, 1980-89; Gloucester County, assistant prosecutor, 1977-78
McMaster, Jean B.
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: Feb. 11, 2002
Tenure: Feb. 11, 2009
Born: 1953
Education: Widener Univ. School of Law, 1983; Glassboro College (now Rowan Univ.), 1974
Prior Experience: Pitman solo, 1984-2002
Morgan, David W.
Current Assignment: Civil
Appointed: 1998
Tenure: 2005
Born: Jan. 3, 1953
Education: Univ. of Pennsylvania Law School, 1978; Rutgers Univ., 1975
Prior Experience: Holston, MacDonald, Morgan & Uzdavinis, partner, 1984-98; municipal judge for Woodbury, Woolwich, Swedesboro and Mantua
Smith, Kevin
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 2011
Tenure: 2018
Born: 1964
Education: Marquette University Law School, 1988
Prior Experience: U.S. Attorney’s Office, Criminal Division, 1991-2011 (assistant U.S. attorney in charge of Camden vicinage, 2011); U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, 1988-91
Telsey, Benjamin C.
Current Assignment: Family, P.J.
Appointed: Dec. 5, 2007
Tenure: Dec. 5, 2014
Born: Jan. 8, 1968, Philadelphia
Education: Widener University School of Law, 1993
Prior Experience: Telsey & Puma, 1994-2007; municipal prosecutor for Salem and Lower Alloway’s Creek; Salem County Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel
Tomasello, John
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: 1995
Tenure: 2002
Born: July 8, 1947
Education: Rutgers Law School-Camden, 1973; Rutgers Univ., 1970
Prior Experience: Tomasello, Driscoll & Rozanski, Woodbury, partner; Supreme Court District IV Ethics Committee, 1987-91; Governor’s Commission on Revision of the Mechanic’s Lien Act, 1980-81; American Arbitration Association, arbitrator; Child Assault Prevention of Gloucester County, Inc., counsel
White, Mary K.
Current Assignment: Family
Appointed: June 18, 2004
Tenure: June 18, 2011
Education: Rutgers Law School-Camden
Prior Experience: Asst. Gloucester County prosecutor (chief of grand jury unit, 1997-2002; first assistant, 2002-04)
Wodlinger, Gary
Current Assignment: Criminal
Appointed: 2009
Tenure: 2016
Born: 1953
Education: Western New England College of Law, 1978
Prior Experience: Lipman Antonelli Batt Dunlap Wodlinger & Gilson, partner, to 2009; Cumberland county counsel; counsel to the boards o((f education in Pittsgrove, Greenwich, Quinton and Upper Pittsgrove townships; special counsel to the boards in Elmer, Pennsgrove-Carney’s Point and Dennis townships