The uncertainty continues after last year’s Supreme Court decision in Stern v. Marshall. Recent decisions show that bankruptcy courts are divided on the scope of Stern’s consequences.
By Jonathan I. Rabinowitz and John Harmon
The purpose of this amendment is to clarify the disclosure required of certain groups of creditors acting in concert in Chapter 9 or Chapter 11 cases.
By Leo V. Leyva, Ilana Volkov and Felice R. Yudkin
A bankruptcy court can impose sanctions under any of several sources of authority, including various statutes, rules and its own inherent power.
By Henry M. Karwowski
A closer look at the Tribune Company bankruptcy and a recent decision considering the conformability of competing plans of reorganization.
By Clement J. Farley, Scott H. Bernstein and Natalya G. Johnson
Myriad legal issues can arise when a nonprofit with a well-meaning mission finds itself in financial and management distress.
By Andrew C. Kassner and Joseph N. Argentina Jr.