COVID-19 and quarantine forced us all to re-examine our priorities. Many people, forced to  work from home, struggled with maintaining work-life balance and respecting boundaries between work and home. Others gained new perspective on their personal interests and even career choices. While quarantine thrust these issues to the forefront, as a young lawyer, staying balanced and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been a challenge. As we come out of quarantine, go back to the office, and resume the pace of work pre-COVID, it is important as practitioners to continually examine the boundary between our work and our personal lives.  Your personal life should never be fully sacrificed to your practice, and by having activities outside of the law, attorneys see benefits both personally and professionally.

Growing Your Personal Network Will Grow Your Practice

If you are in private practice, you have likely already learned that building a book of business is key to a successful practice. One important way to build your book is to grow your network.  Many young attorneys attempt to grow their network by attending professional networking events. While attending events with other lawyers is a great way to build your professional network, often times clients come from connections in an attorney’s personal life. By having activities outside of the practice of law, you will grow your personal network, which will in turn grow your prospective client opportunities.