NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers Install Officers

ACDL-NJ OFFICERS INSTALLED: From left to right: AIdan P. O’Connor, Vice President; Linda D. Foster, Vice President; John A. Azzarello, President Elect; Sharon Bittner Kean, President; Mark H. Friedman, Vice President; and Matthew S. Adams, Secretary/Treasurer. [Photo credit: Bill Levy.]
The Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey  held their installation of officers and trustees reception on May 3, 2018, at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange. The officers installed include:  Sharon Bittner Kean , president; John A. Azzarello , president-elect; Linda D. Foster , vice president; Mark H. Friedman , vice president; and Matthew S. Adams , secretary/treasurer.


Burlington Bar Installs All-Women Slate of Officers

BURLINGTON BAR OFFICERS: From left to right: President Jennifer Stonerod, Treasurer Reema Scaramella, Immediate Past President Douglas Heinold, President-elect Pamela Mulligan and Secretary Kim Belin. (Not pictured: Vice President Joan Burke.)

The Burlington County Bar Association installed an all-female slate of officers on June 1, 2018, at the Barclay-Haines House in Hainesport. It is a first for the 86-year-old organization, according to a release. The officers are: president Jennifer Stonerod, president-elect Pamela Mulligan, vice president Joan Burke, treasurer Reema Scaramella and secretary Kim Belin. Other officers and trustees installed include: Megan K. Balne, retired Appellate Division Judge Marie E. Lihotz, Brenda Roman Maneri, Mary Ann C. O’Brien, Kathryn Somerset, Steven A. Traub, Berge Tumaian for the association; and Eli L. Eytan, Jay B. Feldman, Susan R. Dargay, Katherine D. Hartman, Douglas L. Heinold, Janice L. Heinold, Sharon D. Larmore, Charles H. Nugent, Mary Ann C. O’Brien, Stephanie Shreter, Richard C. Strobel and Leonard R. Wizmur for the Burlington County Bar Foundation.