#MeToo graffiti Cebas

Nothing will bring back to life, or to full health, the victims of the Parkland, Florida, shooting rampage. In addition to those killed or maimed, dozens of others will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and emotional sequel for years to come.

But, unlike events that followed other school tragedies, the students of Stoneman Douglas High School have decided to do something themselves, to lobby on their own, and they may have benefited from the success of the recent “#MeToo movement” and learned that individuals, working together for a justifiable cause, can make a difference. They have already traveled about six and a half hours to Tallahassee to campaign for effective gun control legislation in Florida.

The students will be pitted against monied and sophisticated lobbyists, but there is no downside to their efforts. Ultimately the students of today will become the voters of tomorrow, and if the school rampages continue for whatever reason, the numbers may ultimately have an impact in the polling booths, and candidates for office will realize that. A positive reaction may ultimately result.