Judge John M. Hunt


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Foster parent TH sought appointment as the subject children’s kinship guardian. A neglect adjudication was made against mother, and her parental rights were subsequently terminated. The children’s father previously petitioned for custody, was denied and has been battling for custody and visitation with his two children for nearly nine years—since their placement into foster care in 2008. The court opined, based on ample evidence in the record that TH, the sister of mother’s now-husband, along with mother, have actively engaged in, or been passively complicit in alienating the children from father such that reunification has become an impossibility. Further, an order of protection was put in place against TH’s brother for the children’s benefit until their 18th birthdays, and the court questioned if TH properly enforced such order. Yet, it stated there was no place else for the children to live as mother signed an irrevocable surrender, the children’s minds were poisoned against father, thus, it was constrained to grant TH’s petition, but with conditions. The court directed TH to comply with the conditions of kinship guardianship, including enrolling the children in therapy to address the parental alienation they suffered while in her foster care, and make them available for visitation with father.