Justice John Colangelo

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A matrimonial action was comments in 2013. The parties were married for over 24 years. The case was tried in 2016 and the court rendered its post-trial decision. However, the court reserved decision on two issues: whether and to what extent plaintiff should be reimbursed for expenses incurred by him with respect to two pieces of marital real property located in Yonkers and Mount Vernon; and the parties’ respective applications for counsel fees and expert fees. The court held that plaintiff should alone bear the post-date of commencment costs and expenses with respect to the properties. The court ordered the firm that is holding the sales proceeds of the properties in escrow to release the proceeds and disburse them equally to plaintiff and defendant. The court also determined that plaintiff is responsible to and directed to pay defendant a total amount of $125,000, representing $100,000 in counsel fees and disbursements and $25,000 in expert fees. The court noted the fact that defendant received a distributive award of over $1.5 million, and plaintiff managed to mount his prosecution of the action while spending $365,000 in counsel fees, which was over $300,000 less than plaintiff.