Eric Schneiderman, left, and John Cahill
Eric Schneiderman, left, and John Cahill ()

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman retains a commanding lead over John Cahill as 80 percent of New York voters either don’t know who the Republican challenger is or have no opinion of him, according to a poll released this morning by Siena Research Institute.

According to the poll, Schneiderman is leading Cahill 54-to-27 percent, a slight increase from July when he was up 53-to-31 percent.

Over the past month, Cahill’s favorability rating has dipped from 14 percent to 10 percent while the percentage of voters in the “don’t know/no opinion” category has increased from 74 percent to 80 percent. Republicans are even less familiar with Cahill than Democrats: The poll indicates that 82 percent of Republicans don’t know or have no opinion of their own candidate.

Meanwhile, although Democrat Schneiderman has his biggest lead to date, his favorability rating is down slightly, from 26 percent favorable to 25 percent favorable, and the percentage of voters who don’t know anything about him or have no opinion has inched up, from 56 percent to 59 percent. Among Democrats, 58 percent of voters fall into the “don’t know/no opinion” column.

When asked whether they would prefer Schneiderman or someone else in the office, 39 percent favored re-electing the incumbent, the same percentage as in July. Twenty five percent would prefer someone else, compared to 33 percent last month.

Schneiderman has an eight-to-one edge in fundraising, according to campaign finance records.

Records filed with the state Board of Elections show Schneiderman has about $8 million to spend on the election, while Cahill has about $1 million.