A judge in Nassau County has dismissed on speedy trial grounds a misdemeanor case that “basically fell into a black hole” and lingered for 26 years—apparently to the surprise of the defendant.

Acting Supreme Court Justice Angelo Delligatti (See Profile) said in a decision that defendant Bruce Biondi, who was allegedly arrested in 1988 for second-degree criminal contempt, apparently learned of the pending matter more than two decades later when a customs official told him he had “some type of criminal history.”

Biondi had been living in Nassau County and had no contact with the criminal justice system, according to the decision.

Delligatti said in People v. Biondi, No. 262490, that the Nassau County district attorney has no documentation on the arrest, the state Division of Criminal Justice Services has no reported disposition in the matter, and the Office of Court Administration lists the case as an undocketed arrest.

The court said the quarter-century delay was an obvious violation of the defendant’s state and federal speedy trial rights.

Aida Leisenring, an associate at Barket, Marion, Epstein and Kearon in Garden City, represented the defendant. Assistant Nassau County District Attorney Donald Berk appeared for the prosecution.