The long-litigated seven-year suspension from the Southern District of former Dorsey & Whitney partner Kristan Peters has been affirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

By per curiam opinion Friday, the Second Circuit said the district’s grievance committee, acting on the recommendation of Magistrate Judge Lisa Margaret Smith, did not err in suspending Peters for violating Judge Harold Baer’s protective order in a 2007 trade secrets case and instructing a first-year Dorsey associate to make handwritten marks on deposition transcripts to give them the appearance of attorney work product and avoid returning them to the court.

Judge Colleen McMahon had written for the grievance committee after it reconsidered the case on remand from the circuit in 2013, saying “To abuse a fledging attorney strikes members of this committee as particularly heinous.”

On Friday, Judges Jose Cabranes, Robert Sack and Richard Wesley cited that quote in upholding the decision in Peters v. Committee on Grievances, 13-1916 and found the suspension to be of reasonable length.

Peters’s suspension will be complete in 2015 and she remains in good standing in other courts.