Attorneys in the Southern District soon will be required to file amended pleadings in civil cases directly to the district’s Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system.

Effective March 17, attorneys must file the following documents on ECF: amended complaints, amended notices of removal and amended petitions; third party, intervenor and fourth-, fifth- and sixth- party complaints; amended third-, fourth-, fifth- and sixth- party complaints; add party for pleading, exhibit to pleading and request for issuance of summons.

A summons for amended pleading must be requested through the ECF system, and the clerk will respond by issuing summonses suitable for printing through the ECF.

Clerk of Court Ruby Krajick said Thursday that the change will be a major time saver for the clerk’s office and has been sought by the bar.

“The bar wants to be able to file more documents electronically,” Krajik said. “It’s just a greater convenience for them.”

Details on e-filing are available in the district’s ECF Rules & Instructions at www.nysd.uscourts.giv/ecf.php and the forms