Justice Robert McDonald

Sonia Reid sought summary judgment in lieu of complaint for recognition and enforcement of a foreign country judgment against sister Jennifer. Sonia obtained a foreign judgment in London against Jennifer for monies loaned by Sonia. Jennifer submitted an answer, admitting she was given notice of the 2010 London Central County Court proceeding, and was served at her U.S. residence. She cited financial hardship as a reason for failing to appear in London. But Jennifer also raised the affirmative defense that Sonia did not have standing to enforce a foreign judgment as the London court did not have personal jurisdiction over her. She also claimed the judgment was obtained by fraud. The court noted that in seeking enforcement of a foreign money judgment in New York, Sonia was not seeking new relief, but merely asking the court to recognize the foreign money judgment and converting it into a New York judgment. It ruled as the London court was satisfied that Jennifer was properly notified of the proceedings but failed to appear, she failed to raise a question of fact if the foreign court had personal jurisdiction. Thus, the court granted Sonia’s motion.