Six New York judges and lawyers have been recognized by the Green Bag, a national quarterly journal of legal scholarship, for exemplary legal writing in 2012. Among the 22 honorees were Second Circuit Judge José Cabranes, Eastern District Judge John Gleeson, New York University School of Law professor Arthur Miller, Columbia Law School professor Carol Sanger, visiting Columbia Law professor Charles Fried and New York attorney Bob Kohn, CEO of a music royalty-sharing firm.

Cabranes was honored for his opinion in Rivas v. Fischer, 687 F.3d 514, where the panel reversed the lower court and allowed a habeas petition to proceed even though it had been filed beyond the one-year time limit because the petitioner “raised a credible and compelling claim of actual innocence.”

Gleeson was recognized for United States v. Dossie, 851 F.Supp.2d 478, where he spoke against mandatory minimum sentences in drug cases. “It’s a nice honor,” said Gleeson, who also won Green Bag’s award for a sentencing opinion in 2010. “Mandatory-minimum sentencing is an important issue that affects a lot of defendants.”

Miller was recognized for “McIntyre in Context: A Very Personal Perspective,” in 63 South Carolina Law Review 465 (2012). Sanger’s piece, “The Birth of Death: Stillborn Birth Certificates and the Problem for Law,” in the 100 California Law Review 269 (2012), won recognition. Fried, a Harvard Law professor who also teaches at Columbia Law, was honored for “On Judgment,” in 15 Lewis & Clark Law Review 1025 (2011). And Kohn’s distinction was for an amicus brief he submitted in the United States v. Apple e-book price-fixing case, written as a five-page comic strip.

The Green Bag, which bills itself as an “entertaining journal of law,” publishes a quarterly journal. The winning works will be published in the annual Almanac & Reader and posted at