In the past year, as the real estate market has boomed in many parts of the state, the Real Property Law Section has been committed to the safety of our clients and staff. Real estate closings have always been gatherings of sellers, buyers, attorneys, title company representatives, and brokers, often held in a conference room with people sitting shoulder to shoulder around the closing table.

With COVID-19, we have learned to handle closings differently, to keep people safe. Closings have been bifurcated, with sellers pre-signing documents and parties often sitting in separate rooms. While we miss the camaraderie of the closing table, the new practices have helped to keep participants safe. In response to questions from our members about best practices, our section published guidelines for closings to aid purchasers, sellers, brokers, title agents, and attorneys as we transact closings differently, but just as effectively, in this time of COVID-19.