Try to ignore how he has diminished himself in recent years. Unquestionably, in the past, prosecutor Giuliani operated as a force of nature. Those who knew him “back when” are truly astonished by what has happened—going from a near genius as a litigating force to someone intoxicated by what he managed to talk himself into.

Put aside his Trumpian politics that offend so many and effectively took him over the brink. And forget the platitudes about what the public should expect of a lawyer’s duty of honesty, with or without a signed retainer in hand. That is, even though Giuliani has defended, arguing that the First Amendment protects his right to speech in the public square—in his case, however, with some level of public deceit. Finally, recognize that Giuliani was a “lawyer” representing a client, even if also an unyieldingly loyal press surrogate for Trump’s political and personal agendas. Giuliani was as loyal to Trump as Andrew Giuliani is to his father. If you can imagine that!