Employees May Be “Out of Sight” While Teleworking, but the ADA Should Not Be “Out of Mind”

A look at what this new “teleworking world” mean for employees who previously needed, and relied on, accommodations to perform the essential functions of his or her job and how employers should approach new requests for accommodations in a remote environment.

Trump v. Biden: The Winner’s Impact on Employers

What will the employer world look like post the presidential election? This article summarizes the positions the candidates have taken on various leading employment issues and how key employment related matters may be addressed under the respective administrations.

COVID-19 Calls for Increased Monitoring of Remote Workforce

Covid-19 has forced many employers to quickly adapt to a remote work arrangement, often without much preparation or consideration of applicable law. Consequently, there is a surge in Covid-19 related litigation. In order to minimize legal risk and to ensure legal compliance, employers are faced with an increased need to monitor remote workers, especially non-exempt employees. This article addresses key issues and best practices for employers to navigate these challenging times.

Restrictive Covenants and the Curious Case of National Law Firm Breakups

Post-employment restrictions may prove unenforceable if decided by the wrong court.