The shirt worn by members of the New York State Court Officers Association at a demonstration.

The leaders of more than 60 Italian-American associations sent a letter Friday to the union leaders who called the court administration the Organized Crime Association, saying the ethnic slur was an attack on every member of the community.

“It is especially troubling for our community when the term ‘organized crime association’ is directed at the first chief judge of Italian American descent in the history of New York state,” the letter said.

“On behalf of the approximately 25 million Italian Americans who have been tarnished by your discriminatory behavior, we call on you to issue a public apology for your degrading and disrespectful conduct toward Chief Judge [Janet] DiFiore and the entire Italian American community,” the letter read.

John Calvelli, vice chair of the National Italian American Foundation, which wrote the letter, said there has been no response to the letter.

A spokesman for the unions said there would be no further comment.

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