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We present this year’s edition of the NYLJ 100, our annual report ranking firms’ average number of full-time equivalent attorneys in New York state for the period of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017. For firms with multiple locations in the state, we combine the offices’ individual head counts to arrive at one total, statewide number of attorneys.

This special report also contains charts listing attorney head counts for each of New York’s 62 district attorney offices, the attorney general’s office, the New York City Law Department, and the state’s four U.S. attorney offices. All numbers are as of Dec. 31, 2017 unless otherwise noted.

Using data obtained from the Office of Court Administration and the U.S. Census Bureau, we also include a chart of attorney concentration by county, illustrated via a ratio of attorneys to general population for each county in New York.

Production of the entire NYLJ 100 issue requires a large amount of numbers, data reporting and checking, data entry and proofreading. Special thanks this year go to Christine Simmons for her thorough analysis of the charts and to Rafal Pytel, designer for the Law Journal.

Top Law Firms in New York Remain in Growth Mode

An uptick in demand among the biggest New York firms is helping to drive head count increases, especially for associates.

The Charts:

NYLJ 100: Largest Firms by Number of Lawyers in New York

NYLJ 100: Attorney Concentration by County