Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks, Chief Sean Eagan, Chief of Public Safety Michael Magliano, and Chief of Training Joseph Baccellieri with the 84 recipients of the Judith Kaye service awards in front of the Court of Appeals

Federal judges and volunteer attorneys are teaching at New York City public schools this week in observance of Law Day while the state courts celebrated the occasion in Albany Tuesday.

Speakers at the Court of Appeals ceremony included Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, New York State Solicitor General Barbara Underwood and New York State Bar Association President Sharon Stern Gerstman.

Recipients of the Judith S. Kaye Service Awards were honored at the ceremony. They included a court clerk who helped rescued a would-be jumper from the George Washington Bridge, a court officer who assisted bystanders caught in a shootout and court officers and court clerks who evacuated employees and visitors when fire broke out in a courthouse.

This year’s Law Day topic is “Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom,” and discussions at the schools are centering on the 1952 Supreme Court case, Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer, which affirmed that the “separation of powers” is essential to American government.

Justice For All: Courts and the Community, a civic education initiative of the federal courts of the Second Circuit, is sending judges to the schools in cooperation with the New York City Department of Education and the Justice Resource Center.

On Friday, students from more than ten New York City public schools will visit the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse in downtown Manhattan.  Judges and volunteer attorneys will give presentations to the students  and students will  watch a re-enactment of the Susan B. Anthony trial.

“Through these outreach efforts to students, we enhance understanding of our courts and legal system, fortify ties with the communities we serve, and help keep vibrant the rule of law, so critical to our nation,” Chief Judge Robert A. Katzmann of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit said in a statement.

Recipients of the Judith S. Kaye Service Awards for Heroism are:

Bronx County

Court Officer Darrold Alexander

Court Officer Rodney Goitia

Court Officer-Captain Anthony Manzi

Court Officer Aleus “Alex” Philius

Court Officer Jose Reyes

Court Officer Julio Toro

Court Officer Mario Vera

Erie County

Court Officer Theresa Baggott

Court Officer Michael Gefert

Court Officer Keith Gannon

Court Officer Michael Norton

Court Officer Robert Marrale

Court Officer Jeffrey McMullen

Court Officer Victor Sorrento

Court Officer Michael Zarcone

Kings County

Court Officer-Sergeant Thomas Cirola

Court Officer Shaqwan Gardner

Court Officer-Sergeant John Harte

Court Officer Thomas Hickey

Court Officer Anthony Morgan

Court Officer Edward Rossiello

Court Officer-Sergeant Joseph Scafidi

Court Officer Darien Wagner

Nassau County

Court Officer-Major Kevin Anderson

Court Officer-Sergeant Michelle Barrett

Court Officer-Sergeant Michael Fauci

Court Officer-Major Karen Mulvey

Court Officer Mark Pullo

New York County

Senior Court Clerk Matthew Homenick,

First Deputy Chief Clerk Antonio Diaz,

Onondaga County

Court Officer Cahal Carroll

Court Officer Kimberly Freedman

Court Officer-Sergeant Jonathan Raab

Court Officer Ebony Ramos

Court Officer-Sergeant Vicki Stephens

Queens County

Court Reporter Noah Collin

Richmond County

Chief Clerk Richmond County Supreme Court Kenneth Fay,

Suffolk County

Court Officer-Lieutenant Daniel Freisem

Court Officer-Sergeant James Martinez

Recipients of Judith S. Kaye Service Award for Community Service are:

Third Judicial District Office

Court Attorney-Referee David Dellehunt

Court Officer-Captain Anthony Rodriguez

Bronx County

Court Officer Robert Calero

Court Officer-Lieutenant Pedro Cosme

Senior Court Clerk Yvette Cruz

Court Officer Trainee Schiniqua Diaz

Court Officer Ishaira Garcia

Court Officer-Sergeant Jessica Hernandez

Court Officer Mark Hirschman

Court Officer-Sergeant Julio Lebron

Court Officer Ravil Lopez

Court Officer Jomayra Medina

Court Officer-Sergeant Rafael Nieves

Court Officer Aleus Philius

Court Officer Anthony Vazquez

Court Officer Trainee Maria Vinas

Dutchess County

Court Officer-Sergeant Joseph Beck

Court Officer-Captain Alvin Benson

Erie County

Court Officer Norman Pragle

Genesee (and Orleans) counties

Support Magistrate Kathleen “Kathy” Gray

To learn more about Justice For All: Courts and the Community,  visit, call  (212) 857-8930, or email