Lean Adviser Legal

Sharpen your skills to meet the new reality of today’s practice of law. The Lean Law Program provides daily lessons and tools to guide you to the most effective and efficient delivery of your best lawyering.

Why Lean Adviser Legal?

Lean Adviser Legal offers you the skills you need to efficiently and consistently deliver high value service to clients and drive repeat business and referrals. The Lean Law Program delivers everyday lessons and tools that help lawyers provide clients with better strategy, improved efficiency, and enhanced communications.

Rapidly Learn and Apply the Lean Law Discipline

Lean Adviser Legal was developed in partnership with Alex Geisler, a lean litigator with over 25 years of experience. The interdisciplinary program was built on time-tested approaches from lean manufacturing and management consulting, adjusted for the legal industry.

Deliver Better Work Consistently

You will be able to systematically anticipate and approach risk, manage budgets, identify potential triggers and build a plan resulting in significantly improved client value. Daily doses of inspiration, 100+ bite sized lessons and a proven process management approach combine to help you consistently deliver better service.

Retain Clients and Grow Your Business

Increase the value to clients through improved transparency and predictability, differentiating you from your competition. Adoption of lean discipline delivers reliability, predictability, and risk mitigation resulting in improved client relationships, which will deliver repeat business and referrals.

Meet Alex Geisler

Alex Geisler

Partner, Duane Morris

Alex Geisler is a London-based litigation partner with Duane Morris. The roots of what would become his Lean Law Program go back to his early representations of auto manufacturers, a clientele known for its embrace of lean manufacturing principles.

As Alex worked more closely with these clients, he experimented with their approaches to process improvement and project management in a successful effort to continuously improve the legal product his clients, and virtually every other client, really wanted: an agreed upon outcome, on time and on budget.

He adapted these ideas along with insights from other industries, clients and his own experiences to complete the Lean Law Program.

You meet a firm and they pitch, but they don’t offer a system or a process. Law firms tell you what they do, but not how they do it. For me, there are three Rs which are Reliability, Recommendations and Risk. I give repeat business to firms which offer me proven reliability, in the sense of getting to the right outcome, within budget and on time. But also, the advice itself has to be business advice, which means I like recommendations and some assessment of risk.

Keith Benjamin

Global Legal Director, Jaguar Land Rover

What Is Lean Adviser Legal?
About Lean Adviser Legal
Lean Adviser Legal is an educational subscription program to help members sharpen their skills and practice law to better serve clients. The program is designed around daily messages, engaging lessons, video examples, and tools such as Lean Routine Checklists. Everyday use builds a lean law habit that leads to reliability and predictability for your firm and client. Members learn at their own pace to efficiently and consistently deliver high value service to clients, resulting in repeat business and referrals. Download the Lean Adviser Legal Sample Package.
Lean Lessons

Lean Adviser Legal offers a process management approach that increases safety, predictability and reliability. Each lesson is designed to help lawyers deliver better strategy, improve efficiency and enhance client communications.


The program begins with layout -- gathering the materials and instructions you need at the outset of any task or process.


Once you know where you’re going, you can take the steps to get there. Let Lean Adviser Legal show you how to take the fewest and most effective steps toward a leaner practice of law.


Assessment is the most critical component in project management theory. The ability to monitor and improve your process allows you to optimize the service you are delivering to clients.


At the end of every process or task is the beginning of another. Capturing learnings and putting process improvements to use are the key to ensuring that the end of one client engagement will be the beginning of another.

Download the Lean Adviser Legal Sample Package.

Lean Adviser Videos
Lean Adviser Legal gives you the context for daily lessons by providing real-life applications and examples. Litigator Alex Geisler walks you through scenarios of how he applied The Lean Law Program in his practice and what he has learned about what works and doesn’t. Lean Adviser Legal complements your self-paced study with unforgettable video vignettes you will want to watch and share with colleagues and staff. Download the Lean Adviser Legal Sample Package.
Think Lean Daily Messages
Sign up to receive daily reminders right to your inbox on how best to plan, strategize, organize and communicate. Each prompt will link directly to a lesson and best practice checklist if you are a subscriber to Lean Adviser Legal. Download the Lean Adviser Legal Sample Package.
Tools & Checklists
As a subscriber, you have access to Lean Routine Checklists which provide action plans for applying lean law to daily legal tasks. Checklists tie to critical tasks that help drive you to deliver better value to your firm and your clients. Download the Lean Adviser Legal Sample Package.
Lean Adviser Legal Designation
Bringing elements of strategic project management and process improvement into your practice will allow you to handle matters with greater efficiency, predictability and transparency--forever changing how clients perceive you and the value you provide. Lean Adviser Legal provides a simple process to demonstrate your successful completion of The Lean Law Program. You will read the lessons, watch the videos and utilize the checklists for phase one of the program. At the conclusion of your study, you will take a quiz. If you achieve a 100% score, you will receive a badge showing your Lean Adviser Legal Designation. Soon you will be able to use that designation to complete a CLE-accredited video (complimentary for Lean Adviser Legal subscribers). We will notify you as soon as CLE credit is available.
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Lean Adviser Legal offers everyday lessons and tools that help lawyers deliver clients better strategy, work plans, communication, and follow-up.
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