Lean Adviser Legal

Address the demands of global general counsel based on hundreds of daily conversations ALM has with readers and Global Leaders in Law members. Lean Adviser Legal takes thousands of learnings and provides lessons and tools to help law firms deliver the value clients are demanding, consistently and efficiently.

Why Lean Adviser Legal?

By addressing the most important issues prioritized by global general counsel, Lean Adviser Legal delivers a structured program to help you efficiently and consistently deliver high value to clients resulting in repeat business and long-term profitable relationships for all parties.

Retain Clients and Grow Business

Increase the value to clients through improved transparency and predictability, differentiating you from your competition. Adoption of lean discipline delivers reliability, predictability, and risk mitigation resulting in improved client relationships, which will deliver repeat business and referrals.

Deliver What Your Clients Want

Lean Adviser Legal helps you anticipate the issues your clients care about most so the service you provide exceeds expectations.

Rapidly Learn and Apply the Lean Law Discipline

Lean Adviser Legal was developed in partnership with Alex Geisler, a lean litigator with over 25 years of experience and author of the Lean Law Program. Lean Adviser Legal is an interdisciplinary program built by leveraging ALM experience working daily with the in-house community through top brands including Global Leaders in Law, Corporate Counsel and Women, Influence & Power in Law.

Meet Alex Geisler

Alex Geisler

Partner, Duane Morris

Alex Geisler is a London-based litigation partner with Duane Morris. His Lean Law Program, www.lean.law, goes back to his early representations of auto manufacturers, a clientele know for its embrace of lean manufacturing principles. Lean Law can be used to acquire the untaught skills and learn how to practice law the way clients want: Efficiently; Effectively; Transparently. (Available online by subscription or as response training.)

Alex then worked with ALM to develop Lean Adviser, combining his program with ALM news and insights about the client and law firm relationship.

The service delivery skills which we look for in outside counsel are all deftly captured in Lean Adviser. These core competencies are not taught well at law schools, or through law firm mentoring. So, from this year we’re migrating selected firms to Lean Adviser accreditation as a requirement, with a view to them becoming long term suppliers to Jaguar Land Rover.

Keith Benjamin

Global Legal Director, Jaguar Land Rover

What Is Lean Adviser Legal?
About Lean Adviser Legal
Lean Adviser Legal is an educational subscription program to help members sharpen their skills and practice law to better serve clients. The program is designed around engaging lessons and tools that support law firms to directly address the most pressing concerns of clients, as expressed in Lean Adviser GC, a module in Corporate Counsel Advance.
Lean Lessons

Lean Adviser Legal offers a process management approach that increases safety, predictability and reliability. Each lesson is designed to help lawyers deliver better strategy, improve efficiency and enhance client communications.

Meet Client Expectations

Clients expect you to develop and execute a plan that is efficient, effective and tuned to reflect known critical issues such as diversity of talent.

Provide Value

Define and deliver value to your client by building and supporting your relationship through continuous engagement, clear communication and out-of-the-box thinking on value-adds.

Provide Optimal Service

Build a transparent and frequently communicated plan based on project management best practices and leverage data analysis capabilities your client expects from every other workstream.

Create Trust

Create a working environment that cultivates trust in you and your firm by your client through sharing your work approach, your commitment to communication, allowing your client to focus on their day-to-day.

Be Transparent

Make sure to provide a regular view into your work, the challenges, the opportunities so your client stays informed and is able to update their stakeholders with the best information possible.

Maximize Relationships

Prioritize the relationship with your client from their expectations to your problem-solving process so you are reliable and viewed as a critical support system.

Understand Client Business

Learn your client's business and share that understanding with members of your firm so that you can anticipate and address the challenges clients face during, post and in-between engagements.

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For more practical guidance content around the evolving role and global nature of a GC, including leadership, business navigation, career development, and legal department management, visit Corporate Counsel Advance.

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