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February 16, 2024 | Lean Adviser

30. Gen AI Is Part of Your Clients' Lives, So It Should Be Part of Your Client Service

What We Learned at LegalWeek Part 2 The state of the industry is that big no longer eats small. Instead, fast eats slow. Scale alone doesn't do it any more, and neither does global reach. It's all about understanding, agility and value. It's now "the fast eat the slow."
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February 09, 2024 | Lean Adviser

29. GCs Tell You How To Get Rehired

What We Learned at LegalWeek Part 1 Client service is no longer the elephant in the room, it's now the lion which roars loudly at anyone who will listen. And listen you should, because client service is the key to everything.
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January 26, 2024 | Lean Adviser

28. Transitioning from Partner to Oblivion: The Leap Into Life After Law

Since lean law is about how to practice law the way clients want, you might assume that it has nothing to say about life after the law. But lean law is more than a toolset, it's also a mindset, and one concept we can usefully borrow is this: Your realities are what they are, deal with them head on, and try not to have an opinion about them.
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January 19, 2024 | Lean Adviser

27. Transitioning Between Law Firm and In-House: Do More With Less Is Now Your Job Spec

It's not that the jump was a bad idea, it's just that it's not what you expected.
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January 12, 2024 | Lean Adviser

26. Transitioning from Associate to Partner: Titles Don't Matter to Clients, Methods Do

The conventional view is that the title "partner" is a marketing tool, and that it will justify the overnight hike in your rate. Clients don't see it that way, and neither do we. Titles don't matter to clients, methods do.
3 minute read
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January 05, 2024 | Lean Adviser

25. Transitioning from Student to Associate: Raise Bills or Raise Eyebrows

It's not just how smart you are, how much you know, or even how hard you work. It's how you work. Methods matter. If you can learn to practice law the way that work-givers want, you'll become their go-to resource.
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December 15, 2023 | Lean Adviser

34. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who's the Most Productive of Them All?

Yes, friends, it's that time of the year again, it's self-evaluation season. Bear in mind that your document is going to a compensation committee. So take note of the Lean Adviser method; plan before you execute, make it user friendly and keep it lean. Your goal is to present real facts, in an interesting way, ideally as a story.
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December 08, 2023 | Lean Adviser

33. Client Retention Is A Piece of Cake, Just Don't Blow It.

If the client is a substantial enterprise in the world of business, they will likely have a steady stream of similar challenges and problems. All of these will come your way to solve, provided of course you don't blow it. Getting repeat business is easy and so is blowing it. The difference is how you do the work.
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December 01, 2023 | Lean Adviser

32. Traditional Biz Dev Methods Are Fine, Just Not Enough

Clients hear from plenty of lawyers who are interested in getting a new assignment. What they don't hear enough about is lawyers who are interested in them and their problems. Throw in a concern for clear communications, collaborative planning and structured legal operations, and you become a cherished rarity.
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November 17, 2023 | Lean Adviser

31. Biz Dev Much? If So, You Might Need Help

Better communications, collaborative planning and structured legal work all come as standard, and these basic staples go a long way to addressing the disconnects that exist between what clients want and what attorneys deliver.
2 minute read