Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis (shutterstock)

The 16-year manager of former Staind frontman turned country singer Aaron Lewis has sued the talent management company he partnered with for not paying him his share for representing Lewis.

The lawsuit was filed on March 13 against Vector Management by David Licursi and his company, Connecticut-based Concerts 101, in U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut.

In his complaint, Licursi claimed Vector stiffed him on his cut, including half of the proceeds due from commissions on sponsorship deals generated on behalf of Lewis, 50 percent of VIP ticket sales to Lewis’ shows, and perpetual royalties generated from the sales of two of Lewis’ country albums, “Town Line” and “The Road.” The suit does not include “Sinner,” which debuted on the top of Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart in 2016.

Sheryle Levine of Byelas & Neigher represents Licursi in the suit and declined to comment. Ken Levitan, co-president of Vector, said on Thursday, “I know nothing about any David Licursi lawsuit.” He declined to comment further.

As of press time, counsel information for Vector, which is based in Nashville, Tennessee, was unavailable.

According to the complaint, Licursi entered into a joint management agreement in June 2011, stipulating to an equal share of the profits from the representation of Lewis.

Licursi claimed Vector made good on its payments through the first quarter of 2015, but stopped going forward. He claimed that repeated requests to pay up fell on deaf ears.

“The Vector defendants failed and refused to provide an accounting of Lewis’ career-related finances and business evidencing the balanced due to Licursi and have failed and refused to compensate Licursi for services rendered since the first quarter of 2015.

Licursi’s complaint contained five counts: breach of contract, unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel, tortious interference with business expectancy, and a demand for accounting.

Licursi claimed his business relationship with Lewis ended as a result of Vector’s actions.

Lewis is best known as the lead singer for the rock band Staind, formed in 1995 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He embarked on a solo country music career in 2010, releasing his first album, “Town Line,” the following year.