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General counsel at some of the state’s largest companies are making top dollar, with a few making over $1 million in total compensation.

A statewide survey of about 26 companies showed seven individuals clearing the $1 million mark, when factoring in base salary, bonuses and non-equity incentive compensation.

The figures are the result of a review of Securities and Exchange Commission filings for 2015. In some cases, salary information for companies’ general counsel was not included in these filings and therefore was not available.

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For the companies that did include general counsel in their filings, Peter Millones, executive vice president and general counsel with The Priceline Group in Norwalk topped the list. In 2015, Millones had $1.5 million total compensation, including a $330,000 base salary and $1.2 million in non-equity incentive compensation.

The Top 13 highest-compensated general counsel in Connecticut after Millones, based on total compensation, included: Nicole Jones of CIGNA, Daniel Goldstein of Pitney Bowes, John Moriarty of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Todd Suko of Harman International Industries, Charles Gill of United Technologies, Matthew Ricciardi of W.R. Berkley, Eric Cohen of Terex, Lewis Schwartz of Gartner, Don Liu of Xerox, Mark Nielsen of Frontier Communications, An-Ping Hsieh of Hubbell and Augustus DePont of Crane.

In total, seven had total compensation exceeding $1 million, including Millones, Jones, Goldstein, Moriarty, Suko, Gill and Ricciardi.

The Connecticut companies lagged behind the No. 1 person on the national list, or Alan Braverman, senior executive vice president and general counsel with Walt Disney, whose total compensation was at $7 million.

Millones ranked in at No. 59 on the compensation list nationally.

The Connecticut companies with the top-paid general counsel are in a range of fields, such as internet services, health care and insurance, pharmaceuticals, electronics, construction and telecommunications.

Compensation information is included in filings which companies provide annually to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The filings include compensation to a company’s chief executive officer, chief financial officer and the following three highest-paid executives. In some cases, salary information for the general counsel for a particular Connecticut company was not available because that person didn’t fall within the five highest-paid individuals there.