Practicing law involves waiting.

More often than I imagine I will be, I am cooling my heels, in and out of the courtroom, waiting for things to be typed, deponents to arrive, other arguments to proceed before my own; and finally, spinning out the final moments before a deadline expires in order to file a motion for non-suit or order of compliance.

At some point, I decided to turn my restless energy into something creative. This is what I was doing when I should have been looking busy – telling the story of a lawsuit in haiku.

Off to the lawyer.

Actionable injuries!

Soon he will file suit.

There goes the sheriff.

What are the allegations?

Call our counsel, quick!

Questions and answers.

Lengthy and repetitive.

Must file objections.

You have seen nothing.

Wait till deposition time.

Don’t try to lie then.

We need an expert;

I’ll explore the Internet.

This one looks okay.

The defense doctor

is better educated

and wears nicer suits.

Look, here’s the story:

Give my hapless client some of

your filthy lucre.

No, we won’t settle.

There’s no liability.

Plus, he’s just fine, now.

Here is the jury.

Many silly excuses

to evade serving.

Opening statements,

Then bring on the evidence.

We’ll see who prevails.


Issues in formaldehyde;

they’ll bring an appeal.

Seven years later.

Still no resolution and

my witness is dead!

Amy F. Goodusky, a former paralegal, rock ‘n’ roll singer and horseback riding instructor, is of counsel to O’Brien, Tansky & Young in Hartford.