I don’t think she’s that smart, even if she can figure out that wildfire question.

Few people remember the second person to do something, so we’re not surprised that President No. 2 John Adams gets little respect—in general and specifically in the musical “Hamilton.”

But to the legal world, Adams was kind of a big deal because he appointed John Marshall to be chief justice of the Supreme Court. You remember Marshall from law school, right? Judicial review, Marbury v. Madison, McCulloch v. Maryland?

Last week a question about whether George Washington tapped Marshall was Ex Post Facto’s hardest question, with only 36 percent of quiz takers getting the right answer.

Almost as hard was the question about what Austin, Texas-based grocery had is fighting to to extend a landmark Supreme Court decision on masst tort limits to class actions; it’s Whole Foods.

Let’s see how you fare this week. Good luck!