University of Oregon School of Law’s two osprey chicks, Ruth Bader Ginsbird and Sandra Day O’Sprey, with their parent.


Say hello to Ruth Bader Ginsbird and Sandra Day O’Sprey.

Two osprey chicks hatched in a nest above the University of Oregon School of Law earlier this month have been named for U.S. Supreme Court trailblazers Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor. The law school held a naming contest for the chicks, whose gender is unknown, and Ruth Bader Ginsbird received the highest number of votes. Sandra Day O’Sprey was the second most-popular name. The school received more than 150 suggestions, and narrowed the field to 30 before letting voters weigh in. Voting was open to the public.

The osprey parents have been nesting on a roof at the law school since 2014, after their nest was moved from a light tower above the university’s track stadium. (Supposedly the birds’ activities were disruptive to the athletes, once dropping a trout in the fourth lane during a competition.)

According to the law school, the osprey parents returned to their nest this April and laid three eggs. They took turns sitting atop the eggs. Sadly, a third chick did not survive.

The avian family has been closely watched thanks to a webcam that has captured their activities around the clock. The webcam, installed earlier this year, was funded by a gifts from alumni and friends of recently retired former law Dean Margaret “Margie” Paris. The first female dean at the law school, Paris retired last year.

Osprey are large raptors that feed almost exclusively on fish and nest near bodies of water. The Oregon law campus is near the Willamette River. They typically mate for life.

Ruth Bader Ginsbird and Sandra Day O’Sprey are expected to spend about two months in the nest with their parents before learning how to fly.