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July 01, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

Hiring From a Law Firm for an In-House Position? Use Caution

As a recruiter, I don't question the pedigree credentials or skill sets of accomplished law firm attorneys. Nor do I doubt the willingness of many to switch over to law department compensation structures. But is the match a good idea? Skill set and experience are two different things.
3 minute read
June 17, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

Softening Economy Underscores Need for GCs to Have Financial Savvy

"It behooves these top legal advisers to at least have a working knowledge of the important facets of our economy," said Jason Winmill, managing partner of Argopoint.
4 minute read
June 03, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

How to Recognize Relocation Cold Feet: 5 Tips for Employers When Hiring a Nonlocal Candidate

Relocation has become more challenging for companies post-pandemic. Great candidates who became accustomed to hybrid or remote work arrangements are less enthusiastic about uprooting. The degree of difficulty in successfully recruiting non-locals has risen considerably.
3 minute read
May 01, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

Finding Contributor-Level Work as a Truly Senior Counsel

Former GCs and other senior level lawyers are now highly desirable for almost any kind of contract work – both at the high end as Interim General Counsels, but also more commonly in quality worker bee roles.
3 minute read
April 01, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

Tips for Engaging an Executive Coach

In last month's column, I played with ChatGPT to offer a glimpse of how AI will disrupt most aspects of Law World. This month I'm doing the opposite. I asked myself: What is the most human professional niche in Law World? What expertise cannot be replicated by technology and what is the unique value proposition of that expertise?
2 minute read
March 01, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

Play Offense with Your Career

The toughest part of playing offense is looking in the mirror and being truthful with yourself. Are you "politically in favor" and ascending? Or are you running in place?
3 minute read
February 01, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

AI's Blueprint for Hiring Your Next General Counsel

I've been playing with ChatGPT. I asked the AI tool to list its best practices for companies to follow when hiring a General Counsel. It's actually a pretty good starting point. The only thing missing from the list is "Hire a Search Firm."
3 minute read
January 25, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

Bell Tolls on Mandatory Retirement for Exxon Mobil GC

Exxon Mobil's mandatory retirement age of 65 forced the oil giant's prior two general counsel into retirement. Will current GC Craig Morford be next when he turns 65 on Feb. 10?
7 minute read
January 02, 2024 | Corporate Counsel

Looking for Your Dream Job? Don't Follow Your Heart

Following your heart, in the context of one's career, usually translates into: "I should be happy at work, and I should move if I'm not." Getting to a dream attorney job includes, unfortunately, a lot of dues paying and long hours. Following your heart tends to turn into an excuse for job hopping.
3 minute read
December 04, 2023 | Corporate Counsel

2024 to Upend the Salary Applecart

The recent drama involving OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Microsoft caught my attention not only for the entertaining corporate governance drama…it also got me thinking about compensation.
2 minute read