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Corporate Counsel offers a wide range of free downloadable resources such as whitepapers, case studies, and targeted analysis provided by industry leaders. Browse content below from our sponsors and partners to find solutions to your most pressing business needs.

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Resources From DocuSign

  • 2020 Magic Quadrant for Contract Lifecycle Management

    Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is growing rapidly as organizations seek better regulatory compliance and faster authoring, negotiation and sign-off cycle times. We believe business leaders responsible for CLM should use market evaluation by Gartner and analysis of CLM vendors to assist in their selection processes. READ MORE ›

  • Digital Transformation Trends in Legal

    Start shifting your legal team from reactive risk managers to strategic business partners. READ MORE ›

  • Contract Analytics - The Key to Unlocking Business Value within Contracts for All Stakeholders

    Understand the power of contract analytics and how to unlock the business value within those contracts with this whitepaper. READ MORE ›

  • Contract Automation: Flexential's Key to Shortening the Sales Cycle by 25%

    Discover how Flexential was able to achieve 75% fewer manual transactions and go from three dedicated team members to two team members spending 25% of their time managing contract paperwork. READ MORE ›

  • State of Contract Management

    Contractual status quo will grow evermore outdated. Don’t get left behind. Download this guide for insights and data you can use to update your contract lifecycle management (CLM) processes. READ MORE ›

  • Recalculating the Value of a Modern System of Agreement

    Learn how your company can create end-to-end digital agreement workflows that can deliver as much as 4x the value of eSignature solutions alone and be completed on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time. READ MORE ›

  • Negotiating Contracts with the Power of AI: DocuSign Analyzer

    Learn how to review and negotiate your contracts faster and better by powering your process with AI. READ MORE ›

  • How Unilever Cut Their Contract Time in Half

    Contracts are the key to every business and can be the vain of every business. Download this case study to learn how Unilever was able to reduce their contract completion time by 50% and their drafting time by 80%. READ MORE ›

  • Contract Lifecycle Management 101

    Learn how CLM can drive productivity, visibility, and manage risk in the contract process. READ MORE ›

  • Contract Lifecycle Management for the Modern Enterprise

    The contract process is notoriously complex, often with multiple parties and steps to reach agreement on a document. Learn how to tame the complexity of the contract process for every type of contract, user and department in this white paper. READ MORE ›

  • Readiness Guide: Contract Lifecycle Management

    From contract templates and workflows to organization and rollout timelines, use this guide to ensure your company is prepared for a contract management solution. READ MORE ›