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Resources From NACD

  • 2021 Report: 6 Principles for Board Governance of Cyber Risk

    This report outlines six globally applicable principles--developed collaboratively by experts--to aid legal professionals and their board of directors in governing cyber risk. READ MORE ›

    Digital risk, including cyber risk, is a pervasive and vital concern for any trustworthy organization. Legal leaders, and especially the board of directors, need to understand and address cyber risk in their strategic decisions. However, a rapidly changing cyber-threat landscape and proliferating regulations make it clear that there is a need for stronger foundations to govern cyber risks effectively. 

    This report details six consensus-based principles—derived from the work of leading organizations and further validated by cybersecurity, legal, risk, and industry experts—to guide and strengthen cyber-risk governance at the board level in order to thrive in today’s environment. 

    Download this report that covers:

    • Guidance with examples and critical questions that lead to understanding current positions and the ability to set cyber-risk oversight goals. 
    • Methodologies for improving the cyber-risk position of organizations regardless of location or industry.
    • A detailed approach for boards to achieve cyber resilience and understand their role in governing it. 

  • 2020-2021 Director Compensation Report

    Get a comprehensive perspective on director-pay practices in the 22nd annual analysis of nonemployee director compensation, produced in collaboration with Pearl Meyer. READ MORE ›

    The compensation of nonemployee directors is a critical element in the overall governance of any company. Despite the increasingly fast-changing and complex environment that boards must navigate, director compensation levels continue to see modest year-over-year increases. 

    Download this report, which analyzes 1,400 companies of varying sizes across 24 industries, for the most up-to-date perspective on director compensation and best practices for the year ahead. This report covers:

    • 5 principles to guide nonemployee director compensation
    • How ESG, diversity, and board refreshment influences are shaping the compensation environment
    • Board composition and structure data
    • Trends in cash vs equity pay
    • The evolving state of board assessments

  • 2021 Governance Outlook Report

    Comprehensive projections on emerging corporate board matters to help prioritize focus and increase awareness. READ MORE ›

    No one could have predicted the pressing matters that pulled the focus and attention of corporate boards during this past year. The far-reaching impacts of those issues continue to shape the emerging governance matters for 2021.

    This report is designed to give corporate directors and senior executives a comprehensive overview of major business and governance issues that are likely to demand board focus over the coming year. 

    Download this report that examines key trends, how they will play out, relevant implications, and critical questions for boards to consider around the following themes:

    • Strategic business risks
    • Legal risks
    • Data privacy
    • M&A oversight
    • Virtual shareholder engagement