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Resources From LEAP

  • 11 Habits of Successful Law Firms - Updated for the Digital Age

    This eBook from LEAP outlines habits - and actionable checklists - to help you with the planning and operation required to stay successful in the new digital environment and beyond. READ MORE ›

    It’s no secret that the pandemic is shifting how everyone conducts business. Law firms will not survive if they do not urgently adopt the digital practices that these circumstances now demand.

    Successful firms have habits ingrained into their culture, and many that are proficient with habits 1 and 2 suddenly received a massive competitive advantage with the onset of the digital age. 

    Download this e-book to help you address the pandemic’s effect on lawyers and position your firm for the future. Topics include:

    • 11 habits of highly successful law firms
    • Action checklists for each habit
    • Top 3 impacts of working digitally