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  • A Perennial Problem: Doing More with Less

    As the remote work environment continues to grow, the need for greater technology to sufficiently support workflows is critical -- especially when it comes to your entity management. The pressure to do more with fewer resources combined with heightened compliance requirements across your portfolio means potential risks can loom large. Overcoming these challenges will become progressively more vital. READ MORE ›

    The virtual work environment brings many advantages for businesses. But there are new challenges legal teams face as well - like juggling more work, heightened compliance mandates, and the need for technology that sufficiently supports workflows in the remote environment. Pulling resources from other workstreams (the most common solution) isn’t proving to be a sustainable or efficient remedy.

    Overcoming these challenges will become progressively more critical as legal departments address more complex and unpredictable issues, and as time and resources are increasingly strained. Innovative technology that creates a single source of entity management is a key step to solving these issues.

    Download this white paper to learn how centralizing and streamlining entity management processes can help your business create efficiencies, manage emerging risk, and do more with less. Topics cover:

    • Common inefficiencies plaguing legal departments
    • Staying ahead of ever-changing regulatory requirements
    • How to future-proof your compliance
    • Delivering cost savings and improved visibility

  • The Hidden Cost of Compliance: How Much Are You Really Spending?

    Do you know what your compliance spend really is? And how would you find that out? This white paper helps you understand the hidden cost of compliance and ways to improve transparency and workflows to mitigate potential risks. READ MORE ›

    Hidden compliance costs are rising for global companies due to the quick shift to remote work. Organizations are being asked to keep up with fast-changing regulations, while simultaneously trying to do so with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. . 

    Deploying technology for global entity management can increase cost savings, preserve business continuity, and improve governance and control. 

    Download this white paper and learn: 

    • How to effectively understand your true compliance costs
    • 3 guidelines for future-proofing your compliance
    • How remote work is driving changes in compliance costs
    • Where the potential legal, financial, reputation, and operational risks await

  • Corporate Counsel: Ensure Business Continuity and Promote Growth During A Time of Disruption

    Learn how to successfully pivot corporate disruption into new operational efficiencies, prepare your business for growth, and emerge stronger, all while ensuring compliance. READ MORE ›

    An unexpected business crisis - including everything from hurricanes to wildfires to pandemics - can drastically change how and where people do business. As a result, the ability to collaborate, view critical data and move business forward may face bottlenecks.

    A recent study found that nearly 7 in 10 leaders experienced at least one corporate crisis in the past five years¹. However, a crisis can be an opportune time to evaluate your legal department operations and ensure your organization best capitalizes on potential corporate actions.

    Download this white paper and discover how to properly position your organization now for future corporate actions so that your business can remain strong, agile, prepared, and compliant. You’ll learn:

    • The unprecedented challenges in-house counsel face
    • How to pivot operations with success during a crisis
    • The role of entity compliance during disruption
    • Why now is a critical time to analyze and achieve increased efficiency
    • Tools to prepare for the unexpected with greater success


    ¹ 2019 PricewaterhouseCoopers Study